Candy Cane Lane


Candy Cane Lane has become a must-see attraction of the Christmas season, wowing thousands of delighted visitors every year. For four magical weeks in December, a stretch of five blocks of decorated homes is transformed into a dazzling display of more than 500 plywood and Styrofoam characters, 20,000 to 30,000 lights and 400 electrical cords and cables. The colorful light displays and unique decorations bring out the magic of the season for young and old alike. Christmas in West Frankfort is not complete without a ride or walk down Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane lane was started in 1988 at one home by an art teacher, Tim Murphy, and his farther, Leon Murphy. As with most things it started off small with a few houses putting up some impressive light displays. The spirit spread to other residents and today more that 5 city blocks are now officially considered being on the lane. It is all done on a volunteer basis and there is no commercial or municipal sponsorship of any kind. Donations are appreciated to help with the cost. The lane officially opens December 1 and lights up at dawn to around midnight until the end of December.

Visitors will find the entrance to Candy Cane Lane just east of the high school which is located at the 600 block of East Main. The five-block tour is well marked with candy canes and drivers are asked to please follow the marked route. The best way to enjoy Candy Cane Lane is to walk it if at all possible. It can get very congested at peak times such as on weekend nights just prior the Christmas and you can end up spending a lot of time in traffic.